#250/365: Icon.

Sears tower is an icon of Chicago. On several occasions, I have tried to get a miniature shot of the building. This one is my current favorite. Oh yes, I still like to refer to it as Sears Tower. 🙂

#196/365: Fareway.

I liked the bright yellow and red colors of the store awnings against a rather uniformly gloomy blue-grey sky. The clock tower behind the store stood out prominently without which there would be no picture. The image had a distinct color cast, some terribly lost shadow details, and overly saturated red letters.  Thanks to RAWContinue reading “#196/365: Fareway.”

#048/365: Anomaly.

Things that do not fit the norm are considered anomalies. On the other hand, we all try to be unique.  This shot of Chicago downtown poses a question in my mind.  A special piece of architecture or an anomaly?

#024/365: The tiny chapel.

Every town has a small fascinating landmark. I have been always fascinated by this tiny chapel that quietly sits unnoticed by most who walk by the busy street. I have taken pictures of this chapel before but it looked even prettier in the foggy night.

#008/365: Towering.

A quick visit to the hospital Emergency room placed me in front of this building. I like the brushed aluminum facade with glass panes. A little tilt-shift effect applied to enhance the central ‘column’. (iPhone)