#195/365: The crane. (late)

So, it finally happened. I was wondering when would I miss posting pictures. A comfortable couch is to blame. A friend even sent me a text warning but I didn’t notice it until this morning. Anyway, today’s picture features this crane. I am sure that it is the tallest structure in this town. I haveContinue reading “#195/365: The crane. (late)”

#066/365: The bridge.

This is an example of my style of street photography on a roll (literally). It appears to be a bit hazardous. To me the dominant arch of the bridge symbolizes technological strength of the city (Chicago).

#062/365: Herculean task.

I am posting a bit early for I don’t know how my time will go later today. This is a view from my workplace window. The lone construction worker amidst the pile of construction supplies on this site caught my eyes. His reflection on the shallow pool of water added a bit of drama.

#048/365: Anomaly.

Things that do not fit the norm are considered anomalies. On the other hand, we all try to be unique.  This shot of Chicago downtown poses a question in my mind.  A special piece of architecture or an anomaly?

#008/365: Towering.

A quick visit to the hospital Emergency room placed me in front of this building. I like the brushed aluminum facade with glass panes. A little tilt-shift effect applied to enhance the central ‘column’. (iPhone)

#007/365: Closer to home.

Oh, I have been having doubts about this undertaking. But, I am hopeful that I’ll pull through. I took this picture of a large variegated leaf for its obvious bold pattern around the mid vein. An abstract design directly from the Nature. (iPhone).