#076/365: The golden glow.

No matter how many times we view them, sunsets have tremendous appeal. No beach, no mountains, but prairie sunsets may still be beautiful. I took this picture from my usual running spot. The dramatic golden glow in the sky was especially breathtaking. (iPhone)

#070/365: A grove-y farm.

A house, a barn, a truck, a tractor, and trees surrounding the farmstead are the common sightings in the midwestern countryside. Of course, trees are to block the howling cold winter wind in otherwise vast stretch of flat land.

#018/365: From dawn to dusk.

I have big plans to take pictures of this church. At dawn, I couldn’t resist my temptation to pull over by the curb to take picture while the sky was warming up with a rising sun. I especially like the moon in the frame. (iPhone) At sunset, I was again in the car when thisContinue reading “#018/365: From dawn to dusk.”

#011/365: A million crows.

Stepping out of my workplace, a coworker pointed up at the tree that was covered by a huge flock of crows. It was dark but I took the picture anyway. After an uncharacteristically warm season so far, cold wind is howling. My guess is that the birds are uneasy. Hope they find safe place toContinue reading “#011/365: A million crows.”