#184/365: Bustle of the street.

I wanted to make an ‘epic’ shot. But, a 50 mm lens on APS-C sensor does not do that, yikes! I wish I had mounted a wider angle lens on my camera. On the other hand, slight compression of perspective blends the window display and the bustle of the sidewalk. Everyone is doing something, includingContinue reading “#184/365: Bustle of the street.”

#024/365: The tiny chapel.

Every town has a small fascinating landmark. I have been always fascinated by this tiny chapel that quietly sits unnoticed by most who walk by the busy street. I have taken pictures of this chapel before but it looked even prettier in the foggy night.

#013/365: Ominous.

We have to keep in step with Friday the 13th. The lonely building seems to be haunting the memory. Leafless dark branches of oak tree create a surreal atmosphere. (iPhone)