#181/365: Crossover.

Oh, I like quirky but tasteful window displays of mannequins. Their appeal must have something to do with the elegance of idealized human forms. Sometimes, they seem to be real and part of our diversity.

#180/365: Russian imposters!

This guy took The Matrix movie too seriously. The poster on his back reads: Russia’s most destructive weapon Russians have learned how to make nearly perfect impersonaters!! who then REPLACE Americans they have killed!!!! Many (1000’s) of Americans have been Replaced!! pssst..Has anyone seen the real Joe Biden lately? Why only Joe Biden?  I canContinue reading “#180/365: Russian imposters!”

#062/365: Herculean task.

I am posting a bit early for I don’t know how my time will go later today. This is a view from my workplace window. The lone construction worker amidst the pile of construction supplies on this site caught my eyes. His reflection on the shallow pool of water added a bit of drama.