#217/365: Speedy, the turtle.

No, the police was not chasing Speedy, the turtle. This was a big turtle on the road. Two young ladies spotted it from their car and summoned the police. Thanks to Coralville Police, they sent the turtle back to the creek. It was something interesting on my running route. (iPhone)

#024/365: The tiny chapel.

Every town has a small fascinating landmark. I have been always fascinated by this tiny chapel that quietly sits unnoticed by most who walk by the busy street. I have taken pictures of this chapel before but it looked even prettier in the foggy night.

#020/365: Salt or pepper?

A routine walk to cafeteria to fetch a coffee presented this view. Fresh crisp snow, overcast sky of Midwest January, and sharp contrast of thin dark lines of patio furniture are always pleasing to eyes. The tiny bump of snow made by a salt shaker on the table adds to this interesting scene. (iPhone)