The eclipse.

I watched the total solar eclipse from Rocheport, Missouri.  Strange things happened during the total solar eclipse.  It was supposed to be sunny with clear sky, but thick grey clouds rolled over right at the peak moment.  My camera was responding to the infrared remote until that moment;  it made a groaning sound and stoppedContinue reading “The eclipse.”

#128/365: A super ordinary moon.

After all the hoopla about ‘super moon’, I am posting a very ordinary looking moon. That’s how it looked from where I am. I have snapped great pictures of moon before and someone has to educate me on how one can directly take a picture of the moon to capture its brighter appearance. (On theContinue reading “#128/365: A super ordinary moon.”

#018/365: From dawn to dusk.

I have big plans to take pictures of this church. At dawn, I couldn’t resist my temptation to pull over by the curb to take picture while the sky was warming up with a rising sun. I especially like the moon in the frame. (iPhone) At sunset, I was again in the car when thisContinue reading “#018/365: From dawn to dusk.”