#247/365: Thoughts.

When an event is viewed out of its context, it may give strange impressions. The outcome of this photograph was presaged. It is comical that people look so thoughtful about something so trite as a credit card billboard. I processed it to keep people in light and to give an overall haziness.

#214/365: No rain, but shine.

This was originally a display hanging from ceiling. Every year, Pantone (www.pantone.com) comes out with a ‘color of the year’ that designers incorporate in their creations. This year’s color is tangerine of the right cluster. I had to do extensive photoshopping to remove distracting background. Not perfect, but colors are pretty.

#181/365: Crossover.

Oh, I like quirky but tasteful window displays of mannequins. Their appeal must have something to do with the elegance of idealized human forms. Sometimes, they seem to be real and part of our diversity.

#174/365: You’re being watched.

Surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous in our lives. I wonder if there is someone really watching me when I step out in the public places or my images are simply stashed in some archive. The question is whether surveillance cameras reduce crime rate. And why do so many cases of burglary, robbery, kidnapping and murderContinue reading “#174/365: You’re being watched.”