#239/365: Inquiry.

I and a couple of friends were taking pictures around the city. A cop pulled over and began an inquiry. Although he didn’t want us to take pictures of some ‘sensitive areas’ in the city, he was happy to let me take picture of his cool watch.

#180/365: Russian imposters!

This guy took The Matrix movie too seriously. The poster on his back reads: Russia’s most destructive weapon Russians have learned how to make nearly perfect impersonaters!! who then REPLACE Americans they have killed!!!! Many (1000’s) of Americans have been Replaced!! pssst..Has anyone seen the real Joe Biden lately? Why only Joe Biden?  I canContinue reading “#180/365: Russian imposters!”

#173/365: Vacation picture.

People-watching is fun for me. I noticed this family because of the man’s hat. My interest grew as he proceeded to set up his camera on tripod. It was amusing that he had planned it ahead of the trip. He didn’t want to take a chance on missing a family picture just in case thereContinue reading “#173/365: Vacation picture.”