#214/365: No rain, but shine.

This was originally a display hanging from ceiling. Every year, Pantone (www.pantone.com) comes out with a ‘color of the year’ that designers incorporate in their creations. This year’s color is tangerine of the right cluster. I had to do extensive photoshopping to remove distracting background. Not perfect, but colors are pretty.

#196/365: Fareway.

I liked the bright yellow and red colors of the store awnings against a rather uniformly gloomy blue-grey sky. The clock tower behind the store stood out prominently without which there would be no picture. The image had a distinct color cast, some terribly lost shadow details, and overly saturated red letters. ¬†Thanks to RAWContinue reading “#196/365: Fareway.”

#179/365: A stitch in time.

A fashion clothing store cannot have more iconic facade than Allsaints Spitalfields in Chicago. The entire store front displays vintage sewing machines from floor to the 42 feet high ceilings. A total of 800 sewing machines are said to be on display. My camera frame could only capture 102 of them.