#070/365: A grove-y farm.

A house, a barn, a truck, a tractor, and trees surrounding the farmstead are the common sightings in the midwestern countryside. Of course, trees are to block the howling cold winter wind in otherwise vast stretch of flat land.

#039/365: A light in darkness.

Photographing still life is not as simple as I would like to think of. Both, direction and amount of light matter. In a long shot, the focus also matters. I experimented with a number of exposures and decided on this. Your comments are welcome.

#014/365: Echo.

The iPhone and iPad2 are driving me nuts. I started with a hope to improve my photo composition. Then I was worried about getting subject matter for everyday post. Now I am wondering whether I am doing photography at all. In any case, I am loving it and am not going to stop yet. (iPhone)

#013/365: Ominous.

We have to keep in step with Friday the 13th. The lonely building seems to be haunting the memory. Leafless dark branches of oak tree create a surreal atmosphere. (iPhone)

#004/365: A daily perspective.

Everyday, I walk through this corridor and have always liked the way indirect light of the morning sun pushes against the artificial lighting. Strong vertical columns break the flow of merging horizontal lines on the granite floor. The ceiling has additional checkered lines with stipple. The plain white wall has a stability against all theseContinue reading “#004/365: A daily perspective.”