счастливый Ёлка

I know that the translation “Happy Yolka” (Happy Christmas Tree) is not correct but for some ‘historic’ reason, it is fun to say that. I am sitting in the intensive care unit of a hospital and am hopefully waiting for someone’s recovery.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.  

Brilliant smile.

Today, while driving in the town, I noticed a bunch of sunflowers on the side of an old shed. I pulled over to take a few pictures and saw this gentleman mowing the grass. I asked him if I could take a few pictures. He not only agreed, he invited me to his garden with aContinue reading “Brilliant smile.”

#145/365: Hello Miss Daisy.

I have a weakness for daisies, but this is not the garden variety daisy. The beauty and cheerfulness of these flowers was only evident in close up. The uneven length of crisp white petals makes them very authentic.

#135/365: Bag of joy.

Fish are a symbol of luck in many cultures. I sneaked out my wife’s tiny glass figurine to photograph. Since the reflection and mixed lighting didn’t help much, I treated the picture in monochrome. Nevertheless, these fish bring a smile because of the clever idea of the artist.