#135/365: Bag of joy.

Fish are a symbol of luck in many cultures. I sneaked out my wife’s tiny glass figurine to photograph. Since the reflection and mixed lighting didn’t help much, I treated the picture in monochrome. Nevertheless, these fish bring a smile because of the clever idea of the artist.

#016/365: Dancing on the wall.

I walk under these figurines everyday. I have wondered if they are only decorative or they symbolize something? I will stop by the info desk one day to inquire. In the mean time, they make me smile. (iPhone)

#002/365: Light and the 3rd dimension.

On an overcast day, light is coming through window on the left. I squared everything and shot with a large aperture (f4, 1sec). RAW processing and color correction. I wanted to see the effect of directional lighting on 3D appearance of this plastic flower. Although, the relief on the container is visible, the flowers areContinue reading “#002/365: Light and the 3rd dimension.”