#247/365: Thoughts.

When an event is viewed out of its context, it may give strange impressions. The outcome of this photograph was presaged. It is comical that people look so thoughtful about something so trite as a credit card billboard. I processed it to keep people in light and to give an overall haziness.

#229/365: Object of desire.

Sometimes, an exaggerated claim in an advertisement does not irritate us.  This clever advertisement of Kohler’s advanced toilet is simply amusing. (iPhone).

#196/365: Fareway.

I liked the bright yellow and red colors of the store awnings against a rather uniformly gloomy blue-grey sky. The clock tower behind the store stood out prominently without which there would be no picture. The image had a distinct color cast, some terribly lost shadow details, and overly saturated red letters.  Thanks to RAWContinue reading “#196/365: Fareway.”

#181/365: Crossover.

Oh, I like quirky but tasteful window displays of mannequins. Their appeal must have something to do with the elegance of idealized human forms. Sometimes, they seem to be real and part of our diversity.

#175/365: Brightly clouded.

We hear and read incessant rants about the glorious lighting of the ‘golden hours’ for photography. Some diehard photographers behave like vampires who won’t bring out their cameras in bright daylight for the fear of degrading their picture quality. While they can enjoy their subtle transitions of hues, sometimes high contrast makes a picture moreContinue reading “#175/365: Brightly clouded.”