#098/365: Joy of Spring.

This is indeed the season of blossoms of cherry, apple, pear and other well known trees and their photographs are everywhere on the web. I know this is much of a cliche picture, but I like dogwood so much that I cannot resist it. Besides, this is probably one of the most prolific and robustContinue reading “#098/365: Joy of Spring.”

#097/365: Dogwood.

I have a strong liking for dogwood and magnolias (Magnolias grandiflora). After living in the South for several years, I have always missed them in the midwest. ┬áIn dogwood, I like the simplicity of the flower ‘design’ and the angular branches of the tree resembling Japanese paintings. This was my first sighting of dogwood inContinue reading “#097/365: Dogwood.”

#011/365: A million crows.

Stepping out of my workplace, a coworker pointed up at the tree that was covered by a huge flock of crows. It was dark but I took the picture anyway. After an uncharacteristically warm season so far, cold wind is howling. My guess is that the birds are uneasy. Hope they find safe place toContinue reading “#011/365: A million crows.”