#214/365: No rain, but shine.

This was originally a display hanging from ceiling. Every year, Pantone (www.pantone.com) comes out with a ‘color of the year’ that designers incorporate in their creations. This year’s color is tangerine of the right cluster. I had to do extensive photoshopping to remove distracting background. Not perfect, but colors are pretty.

#204/365: Sunset.

Driving back from Chicago, I watched one of the best sunsets ever. Pulled out my camera while driving, set up the exposure and aperture, and handed to my young ‘camera assistant’. He followed my directions as I kept on driving. I think he did an excellent job. 🙂

#181/365: Crossover.

Oh, I like quirky but tasteful window displays of mannequins. Their appeal must have something to do with the elegance of idealized human forms. Sometimes, they seem to be real and part of our diversity.

#165/365: Spin-ster.

Keeping with the theme of technology, here is something that I don’t see everyday. This is not a contraption from some steam-punk movie. I polled my scientist colleagues and none could guess it at first glance. Scientific instruments have become more streamlined and utilitarian in their design. This rotor of a centrifuge is half aContinue reading “#165/365: Spin-ster.”