#241/365: Harley’s angel.

It was a day filled with inquiries. This biker stopped to ask why we were taking pictures of the city park lake. I believe it was a simple curiosity. I asked if she would like to be photographed and she acquiesced.

#239/365: Inquiry.

I and a couple of friends were taking pictures around the city. A cop pulled over and began an inquiry. Although he didn’t want us to take pictures of some ‘sensitive areas’ in the city, he was happy to let me take picture of his cool watch.

#177/365: “Stacee Jaxx is filth”?

The big advertisement of the newly released movie Rock of Ages had a small rider- an upside down poster saying “Stacee Jaxx is filth”. I’m not sure but it appears to be an advertising ploy.  After all, Stacee is a fictitious character.

#175/365: Brightly clouded.

We hear and read incessant rants about the glorious lighting of the ‘golden hours’ for photography. Some diehard photographers behave like vampires who won’t bring out their cameras in bright daylight for the fear of degrading their picture quality. While they can enjoy their subtle transitions of hues, sometimes high contrast makes a picture moreContinue reading “#175/365: Brightly clouded.”