6 thoughts on “Radiant.

  1. Great image, I like your colour process, I was wondering if it is just me, but the first thing I look at is the blurred part at the top, if you want to keep a blurred area in the image to make the sharp area pop, you could try to rotate the photo 180 degrees, in a way that the blurred area is at the bottom, but it might just be the way I look at an image, try it anyway, I really like the bright colour!

    1. Thank you very much for taking time to visit the blog. You have a great point about the distracting out of focus part of the image. Unfortunately, the image is not a crop. It is the entire composition. If I rotate it 180ΒΊ as you suggest, the composition looks odd because the direction of the florets in the center of the flower is away from the viewer. You can view the rotation here- https://singhmv365.wordpress.com/comments-related/
      I had a shallow DOF and I did not make a flat focal plane. I will make another photo again in summer. Best!!! πŸ™‚

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