On the pond.



8 thoughts on “On the pond.

  1. Wonderful composition. Like the reflection in the pond and especially the way you included a foreground.

    1. Thank you Ben. This was shot at mid-noon last fall. The sky was overexposed due to limited dynamic range. Thanks to RAW shooting and some extreme pixel-torture (no cloning), the image is recovered. I like the high contrast ‘ink-blot’ effects in water reflections, but space constraint did not allow at this location. So, the next best thing was to keep the classical foreground for perspective.

    1. LOL ag. Thank you for your very characteristic style. 🙂
      Well, I was using my Nikon D5000 camera with the 18mm- 55 mm/3.5- 5.6 lens. The shot was taken at f8.0 and shutter speed 1/90 sec at 200 ISO.
      I and a friend had driven 4 hours to reach this area before sunrise. By the time we reached this spot, we had been shooting for 6 hours with some mixed results. We were jacked up on ONE cup of McDonald coffee, which they wouldn’t serve to us on drive-thru window because we were on foot. Only fun! 🙂

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