#181/365: Crossover.

Oh, I like quirky but tasteful window displays of mannequins. Their appeal must have something to do with the elegance of idealized human forms. Sometimes, they seem to be real and part of our diversity.

#180/365: Russian imposters!

This guy took The Matrix movie too seriously. The poster on his back reads: Russia’s most destructive weapon Russians have learned how to make nearly perfect impersonaters!! who then REPLACE Americans they have killed!!!! Many (1000’s) of Americans have been Replaced!! pssst..Has anyone seen the real Joe Biden lately? Why only Joe Biden?  I canContinue reading “#180/365: Russian imposters!”

#179/365: A stitch in time.

A fashion clothing store cannot have more iconic facade than Allsaints Spitalfields in Chicago. The entire store front displays vintage sewing machines from floor to the 42 feet high ceilings. A total of 800 sewing machines are said to be on display. My camera frame could only capture 102 of them.

#177/365: “Stacee Jaxx is filth”?

The big advertisement of the newly released movie Rock of Ages had a small rider- an upside down poster saying “Stacee Jaxx is filth”. I’m not sure but it appears to be an advertising ploy.  After all, Stacee is a fictitious character.

#175/365: Brightly clouded.

We hear and read incessant rants about the glorious lighting of the ‘golden hours’ for photography. Some diehard photographers behave like vampires who won’t bring out their cameras in bright daylight for the fear of degrading their picture quality. While they can enjoy their subtle transitions of hues, sometimes high contrast makes a picture moreContinue reading “#175/365: Brightly clouded.”

#174/365: You’re being watched.

Surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous in our lives. I wonder if there is someone really watching me when I step out in the public places or my images are simply stashed in some archive. The question is whether surveillance cameras reduce crime rate. And why do so many cases of burglary, robbery, kidnapping and murderContinue reading “#174/365: You’re being watched.”

#173/365: Vacation picture.

People-watching is fun for me. I noticed this family because of the man’s hat. My interest grew as he proceeded to set up his camera on tripod. It was amusing that he had planned it ahead of the trip. He didn’t want to take a chance on missing a family picture just in case thereContinue reading “#173/365: Vacation picture.”