#148/365: Mourning dove.

A mourning dove on my deck. Although they are pretty, I am not fond of their mournful cooing sound (hence the name Mourning Dove). This seems to be a female bird since it lacks the dark black band around the neck.


4 thoughts on “#148/365: Mourning dove.

  1. Glad to read your comment. We have quail in our backyard and they start up around 5 every morning. Love to watch them, hate to hear them- especially at that hour. Beautiful shot you captured. Maybe I’ll try shooting a quail. I mean, photographing one!

  2. oh they make a torturing noise in the urban places building nest behind the old air conditioners.. but i guess if we encroach their living spaces turning forests into towering cities, we have to abide by the punishment!!! Nice shot 🙂

    1. I agree with you. However, sometimes it is easy for some species to adapt to the urban life than in the wild. Here is a very interesting book on the interaction of humans and their environment.
      “Human planet : nature’s greatest human stories / Dale Templar and Brian Leith ; Nicholas Brown … [et al.] ; photography by Timothy Allen.”

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