#89/365: Absurd equation.

I just finished the book “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larsson. At one point he talks about absurdities of human relations in terms of mathematical equations. Here, the subject is not that profound but the reflection of the hospital hallway is superimposed on the left side. ┬áThe arches themselves appear to beContinue reading “#89/365: Absurd equation.”

#082/365: The Naughty Jazzman.

I wonder if Santa looks unhappy with the Jazzman’s cheekiness or with his luck. I was at the loading dock of a Chicago apartment building where these figurines were placed. I would guess that service personnel who put them up were as amused as I was. (iPhone)

#081/365: iPhone macros.

Recently, I came across a tip on Flipboard about improvising an iPhone to shoot macro pictures. The concept is simple; put a drop of water on the iPhone camera lens, and shoot close up pictures. The hanging drop of water works as a magnifying close up lens. I couldn’t wait for cute insects to comeContinue reading “#081/365: iPhone macros.”