#018/365: From dawn to dusk.

I have big plans to take pictures of this church. At dawn, I couldn’t resist my temptation to pull over by the curb to take picture while the sky was warming up with a rising sun. I especially like the moon in the frame. (iPhone) At sunset, I was again in the car when thisContinue reading “#018/365: From dawn to dusk.”

#016/365: Dancing on the wall.

I walk under these figurines everyday. I have wondered if they are only decorative or they symbolize something? I will stop by the info desk one day to inquire. In the mean time, they make me smile. (iPhone)

#014/365: Echo.

The iPhone and iPad2 are driving me nuts. I started with a hope to improve my photo composition. Then I was worried about getting subject matter for everyday post. Now I am wondering whether I am doing photography at all. In any case, I am loving it and am not going to stop yet. (iPhone)

#013/365: Ominous.

We have to keep in step with Friday the 13th. The lonely building seems to be haunting the memory. Leafless dark branches of oak tree create a surreal atmosphere. (iPhone)

#011/365: A million crows.

Stepping out of my workplace, a coworker pointed up at the tree that was covered by a huge flock of crows. It was dark but I took the picture anyway. After an uncharacteristically warm season so far, cold wind is howling. My guess is that the birds are uneasy. Hope they find safe place toContinue reading “#011/365: A million crows.”

#008/365: Towering.

A quick visit to the hospital Emergency room placed me in front of this building. I like the brushed aluminum facade with glass panes. A little tilt-shift effect applied to enhance the central ‘column’. (iPhone)