A new beginning: photo journal.

In this photo blog, I will be posting at least one picture a day during the Year 2012. I do have a Flickr account where I have posted pictures, but this exercise is to shed my pretension to being a photographer. It is an exercise with the hope to develop a vision and a style of my own.

Wherever possible, I will try to articulate my thoughts on the posts. I expect that a few pictures will defy captioning, explanation, or even the logic for their inclusion here. Others will be self-explanatory.

I will be using all the photo equipment available to me which includes my Nikon D5000, iPad2 and iPhone 4. I intend to use all my lenses but I think that the AF-S Nikkor 50mm/1.8G will be the prime lens in more than one sense. However, for its sheer portability and instant availability, iPhone will be the workhorse.

Although I am a big believer of framing the subject in camera, sometimes cropping and post-processing is desirable. Since I shoot RAW, I will be processing my images after the shoot.

In short, my goal is to improve picture composition.

I do not expect this photo-blog to be a blockbuster. However, if you stumble upon this blog, I will urge you to drop a note to me. Your critique will help as an energy boost.

Thank you.



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