#031/365: From post to a pillar.

Mostly, we ignore the clamor of screaming notices trying to grab a fraction of our attention. This notice on a pillar in front of elevators was not any different until I stepped back to see the melding texture of the pillar and the wall behind it. The dimensions were lost. Luckily, I was carrying myContinue reading “#031/365: From post to a pillar.”

#024/365: The tiny chapel.

Every town has a small fascinating landmark. I have been always fascinated by this tiny chapel that quietly sits unnoticed by most who walk by the busy street. I have taken pictures of this chapel before but it looked even prettier in the foggy night.

#023/365: At rest.

In the bench series, here is another picture. It was foggy last night and I stepped out after dinner to take a few pictures. This is not exactly a Brassai photo, but I tried. I wish there were a few people somewhere in the scene.

#022/365: A visit to old bench.

Last summer, I picked up running with a few friends. The trail we followed is in a densely wooded area in the city. Sometimes, we would catch a breath on this bench. I have been missing my runs during the winter. After a snowfall, I expected a few interesting photographs on the trail. So, IContinue reading “#022/365: A visit to old bench.”

#021/365: Paraphernalia.

I am not the most organized person in the world. As reminders, I like to keep items related to my current and a few future projects in my view. That does not necessarily mean that I embark on all the projects I dream of. Usually these things are placed in the form of a heapContinue reading “#021/365: Paraphernalia.”

#020/365: Salt or pepper?

A routine walk to cafeteria to fetch a coffee presented this view. Fresh crisp snow, overcast sky of Midwest January, and sharp contrast of thin dark lines of patio furniture are always pleasing to eyes. The tiny bump of snow made by a salt shaker on the table adds to this interesting scene. (iPhone)